4. Fig Apps

Fig Apps are web apps that are listed on the Fig App Store. They are open-source and hosted by Fig.

You can run apps by referring to its unique identifier.

fig [app_identifer] [inputs]


  • fig curl opens the curl wrapper app

  • fig dir opens the Finder file directory/navigation app

  • fig aliases opens an app that lets you quickly add and remove aliases

  • fig google hello world opens the google app and passes "hello world" as an input

Note: An app's unique identifier may be different to its name. e.g. an app called "jq" may have the unique identifier "jq-builder". You must run fig jq-builder to access it. If you wanted to be able to run fig jq to access the app, you would need to set up a standard alias or a Fig Alias.

The Fig App Store

Each App on the Fig App Store includes information on:

  • the inputs the App takes (like in the fig google examples above)

  • the permissions the App requests (such as access to the filesystem, http requests etc)

All apps in the Fig App store are open source. Before being listed on the App Store or pushing an update, Fig does a security check on every app.

Anyone can build a Fig App. For security, Fig is hosts and distributes them.

Future Versions

Currently, running fig app_identifier will open up the relevant Fig App if it exists.

In future versions of Fig (not too far away), Fig will let you explicitly install and uninstall certain apps. This would enable you to only access the apps you want to and not others that are on the store.

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