Accessing Files & Saving Data

You can save data to the browser storage or to the local file system.

Reading and Writing App Files

Every app has a directory where they can read and write freely. This can be used for storing user data or preferences.

Read data from file relative to ~/.fig/apps/app-name/ where app-name is defined by the fig:app meta tag.

fig.appread('prefs.json', (data, error) => {


Write data to file relative to ~/.fig/apps/app-name/

let data = JSON.stringify({theme: "dark"})
fig.appwrite(path, data, (error) => {


Reading and Writing User Files

Write data to file at path. The path is relative to the user's working directory when they launch your app.

To write a file to the path.

fig.fwrite(path, data, (error) => {

Read data from file at path

fig.fread(path, (data, error) => {

Normalize File paths


fig.normalizeFilePath(`${fig.env.PWD}/..`, (normalized) => { 

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