Form Elements


All form elements mostly follow the same pattern:

  • a symbol (like :, $, * etc)

  • square brackets:

  • curly braces:

    • let you define a default value (or a list of options in the case of a dropdown)

^[identifier: placeholder ]{ script }

Note: There should NEVER be a space between the square brackets and curly braces


Click on each element to get more information + examples

:[identifier: placeholder ]{ defaultvalue }

$[identifier: placeholder ]{ defaultvalue }

^[id: placeholder ]{ array_of_options }

%[identifier: value ]{ default_value }

  • If an identifier is used once, output is boolean

  • If an identifier is used multiple times, output is an array of selected values.

+[identifier: "Button Label"]{ script that is run when button is clicked }

  • Using the button's identifier in mustache braces will show the output of the script to run

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