Repositioning the Window

Fig apps can be located in a few predefined positions.

Default "3"

This is the default position. Fig will be positioned along the right outside edge of the terminal. It will take on the same height as the terminal window.

Notification "6"

Spotlight "9"

Full Screen (Inset) "10"

Heads up. As the numbering suggest, there are other possible window positions available currently. These should be considered private APIs. Your app is allowed to use them but future versions of Fig may not support these positions.

You can cycle through positions using fig position <n> to determine what works well for your app. If you would like to propose a new position, please email

Reposition Window

To change the window position of your app, use fig.reposition. This takes a the id of position you want to switch to. Note that the position id must be passed as a string.


Note: and fig.insert are sensitive to changes in window position. If you need to use one of them and then change window position, make sure to delay by at least 500 milliseconds.'whoami')
setTimeout(() => {
}, 500)

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