What is Fig built in?

We are built natively in Swift. We are not built in Electron.

Does Fig work on Windows or Linux?

Because Fig is built natively in Swift, it currently only works on macOS. Support for Windows and Linux will be added soon.

What is Fig for Teams / Enterprise?

Check out Fig for Teams

How does Fig manage my Data?

Fig is very upfront about how it manages your data. Fig does not collect any sensitive information. Please refer to our Privacy Policy

How do I uninstall Fig?

◧ > Utilities > Scripts > Run Uninstall Script

(The ◧ icon can be found in your mac status bar at the top right, near the time, battery life etc)

We'd love to hear why you uninstalled. If it's a bug, we want to fix it. If it didn't suit your needs, tell us and we will try and make it better.

message brendan@withfig.com

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